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John M Szczomak

Candidate for State President New Jersey State Elks Association

2017 -2018

John Michael Szczomak was born in Paterson, New Jersey and has been married to his wife Jody since 2013. He graduated from William Paterson University with a B.A. degree in Accounting.

John is a partner with Smolin Lupin & Co P.A. and a Certified Public Accountant.  John serves the North Jersey Elks Developmental Disabilities Agency since 1999, Board Chairman 2002 – 2004 and currently as Financial Advisor. John is a member of the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants.

John was initiated into Passaic Valley Lodge #2111 in August 1994.  He was installed as  Esquire for the fraternal year 1995 -1996 and in successive years served as Esteemed Loyal Knight, Esteemed Leading Knight, and has served on almost every Committee in the Lodge as well as being Chairman of Auditing, Bar, By-Laws, Lodge Activities, Membership, and National Veterans Service.  John was elected Exalted Ruler for the Fraternal Year 1998-1999, then Lodge Trustee, Esteemed Lecturing Knight and Lodge Treasurer since 2008.  John is also a member of Passaic Valley’s Past Exalted Ruler’s Association having served as its President, Vice President, and currently as its Treasurer.  He served the North District as Chairman of Lodge Activities 1999 -2000, National Veteran Service 2000-2002, Auditing and Business Practices 2003- 2009, Officers Training 2004 –2005 and 2006 -2009.  John served the State Association as State Chairman Auditing and Business Practice 2007- 2009 and Region II Co-Chairman 2000-2006, North District Trustee 2001-2004, State Training Committee 2007-2009 and currently serves as the State Association Treasurer since June 2009.  He served as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler 2002-2003 and auditor to several District Deputies.

John is a board member of the Fighting Children’s’ Cancer Foundation. He and his wife are parishioners of Saint Bonaventure’s Roman Catholic Church where he is Chairman of the Finance Committee.  John is also a member Sons of the American Legion Post # 227 of Totowa New Jersey since 2001.




Anthony has been a Member of the N.J. Elks for 28 years, became Exalted Ruler of Sparta lodge in 2002, served as District Deputy in 2006. He’s married to Eveline with four children that are leaders in the Antler program, their oldest now joining, making her a third generation Member. Alfonso is currently the State Chairman of the N.J.S.E.A. Special Children’s Committee, NWD State Trustee, and District Training Chairperson. As with everything he participates in, his determination and dedication to the prestigious Special Children’s Committee led us to new and exciting levels of involvement within the community of special children by taking our existing programs, giving them a positive approach bringing them into current times, such as renaming the Poster Child Program to our Ambassador’s, and the modern committee logo. New additions include the accessible playground and Water Park at Elks Camp Moore. Alfonso serves on numerous non-Elk boards and township committees; being named Sparta Township Patriot of the year in 2014 for his leadership within Sussex County. Alfonso is Vice President and Director of Construction for a New Jersey private developer. Responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the company and demonstrating leadership. He is also responsible for preparing and managing multimillion dollar budgets, and maintaining the outstanding reputation of the company’s brand. Given the opportunity to serve as State President, Anthony will continue the same dedication, leadership, and team work. He knows that we as a team can make positive changes to our existing programs, which initiates new Member involvement, institute new programs that fit the needs of our current times, keeping in mind the importance of our principals and traditions.




My name is Brian J Hopkins, I have been an active member of Springfield Hillside Elks Lodge 2004 since the day I was initiated in 1984. I served as Exalted Ruler in 1988-89 and was appointed District Deputy in 2004-05.

          I learned early on that I was a part of something much larger than any one individual, larger than any single Lodge. I had become a member of a team that’s sole purpose was to help others.

          The motto I have chosen to exemplify my campaign is three simple words; “Family, God and Country”. These words are not just a catchphrase for me, personally I feel that these words symbolize what the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks represents.

          The Elks have been my second family for over thirty years. I have been very fortunate to make countless friendships along the way. I have served all committees on a Lodge level and many committees on a District, Regional and State level.

          I am proud and very passionate about the work that the New Jersey State Elks Association accomplishes on a daily basis. There are no greater feelings than helping local families with food baskets for the Holidays or reading a personal thank you from a Special Childs family or helping our Severely Wounded soldiers. It is very difficult to put into words the feelings of inspiration and satisfaction that I have from being an Elk. Over the years, I have learned from my successes and also learned from my failures. I have served the New Jersey State Elks Association for more than half of my life. I have prepared myself for the opportunity to serve as State President for the fraternal year of 2017-18. I have the knowledge, I have the experience and most importantly I have the passion to get the job done.


Yours in Elkdom,

Brian J Hopkins








My name is William W Dow Jr. and I am seeking to be elected to the high office of the President of the New Jersey Elks State Association and I am asking for your support. I have been around the elks as a small child til ultimately becoming a member of our order. I am a fourth generation member in which I continue the legacy and tradition of my family in our order. I have served my lodge, my district, our state association and grand lodge with distinction in various positions. As State Membership chair I lead our association to a 2nd and 4th place gain in the nation. My lodge has honored me as Elk of the Year, Officer of the Year and ultimately elected me to honorary life membership. I have been honored by my district by both the Special Children’s and Veterans Committees for dedication and work with these committees. I believe that I have the dedication, passion and knowledge to lead our association as your president. While many things have changed in our order I believe our founding principles which remain the same will guide our association to greater and better things. As your president, I will continue to promote our programs as all are important. While we have made great strides with public relations, we have a long way to go as I believe there are many that still are not aware of who and what we are and if we are going to continue to grow every single community needs to know what we are all about and what we offer. With the growing epidemic of heroin and overdose my project is to be more involved throughout our state with the problems of drug addiction. It is through our orders hardwork today that will bring a stronger tomorrow.

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