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SWD National Veterans Service Committee

Committee Members

District Chairperson:

Stan Reynolds (2457)

Lodge Chairpersons:

Trenton #105
Mount Holly #838
Hightstown #1955
Bordentown #2085
Hamilton #2262
New Egypt #2457
Marlton #2514
Edgewater Park #2550
Deptford #2708

Lou Eggert
Jim Hall
Luella Scott
James Sharpe
Ed Beideman
Gina Mellon
Jeanne Ritts
Robert Sanchez
Marie Sadler


Committee Meeting Schedule

Meetings are generally on the third Thursday of the month and begin at 7:30PM unless otherwise specified. THIS IS A CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR !! For specific information and meeting locations, click here for the district meeting schedule.

Lodge and District Events

The Annual Army of Hope Picnic at Lacey Lodge will be held on Sunday, September 14th, 2014 Please plan on being there.

There will be a large school bus leaving from Mt Holly 848 at 10:45AM on the day of the picnic. It will return at 5pm (as soon as picnic ends). Anyone wishing to ride it will only be $5.00 pp. Please advise Jim Hall at huntz_hall@verizon.net or call 609-610-2240.



A Message from the National Veterans Service Commission Army of Hope

The “Army of Hope” was implemented to provide support to the families of our military reservists and guardsmen who were called up for active duty during our country’s war on terrorism. Although originally conceived for reservists and guardsmen, there is nothing that would prevent Lodges from offering support to the families of servicemen and women serving regular military duty.

The first step is to contact the Members of your Lodge and see who is interested in supporting this program, their availability, and what skills they have to offer. Create a call list broken down by skills. The Lodge may have to evaluate funding resources for certain projects if the need should arise (i.e., gasket, paint, etc.).

The second step is for someone from your Lodge to make contact with your local reserve or guard units. Most of the time, this can be handled by a simple telephone call to the unit’s headquarters. You need to speak to someone in authority (usually the Public Affairs Officer) and explain to them who you are and what the program is about. You may also offer to join in with them on their own support group or even another organization. Not every Lodge will be able to offer all the support necessary, but you should try and do what you can.

Once contact is made with your reserve or guard unit, make sure your Lodge office staff of Lodge helpers know about the program and can forward questions to the correct individuals.

Information articles in your Lodge newsletter can help keep the “Army of Hope” Program in the forefront of your Lodge and community service activities. The “Army of Hope” also fits perfectly with our efforts in the Blue Star Program. What better way to recognize our servicemen and women than presenting a Blue Star Flag to their families?

As you work with the families of our service people, please report your activities to Mike Manning who is located at our Chicago office. Additionally, your activities should be recorded in the Lodge Annual Charity Records Booklet.


Roger R. True, PGER, Member Elks National Veterans Service Commission

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