Ron Mangone 

State President


As we as Elks celebrate 150 years of serving others, I am truly honored to serve as your state president.  When I first joined the Elks, I was amazed to hear of all the charitable works the Elks did.  I felt a sense of pride and commitment to fulfilling the need to help others and wanted to share in making the remarkable happen.  I know you felt this same commitment when you joined.  
Like you, as a proud American I do believe in what our flag represents.  New Jersey Elks have several committees that support the needs of the many people who defend our country and we proudly honor those that served, are actively deployed, recovering from injuries, or resting eternally.  
New Jersey Elks are also committed to serving all of our youth with the many programs we fund and support.  Through Challenger Sports, Soccer & Hoop Shoot, Scholarships, Peer/Path Leadership, Drug Awareness, and other Youth Activities, we help to educate and enhance the lives of our youth. This encourages them to 
be more involved in their local communities and perhaps one day want to share in our goals.  
Many of you know me through the Special Children’s Committee.   Our state’s major project is Elks Camp Moore, a place where children with special needs have an opportunity to enjoy an incredible camping experience.  Having a son attend Camp Moore, my family experienced this phenomenal opportunity first hand.  I encourage everyone to continue to support the need to keep our camp a place where the remarkable happens. 
These are just a few examples of why I am committed to being involved in the Elks and I encourage each of you to renew your commitment to what New Jersey Elks stand for and to reach out to one person and tell them about all of our remarkable programs.
Thank you for this great opportunity to represent New Jersey Elks…where the remarkable happens.
                                                Ron Mangone, PER, PDDGER
        NJSEA State President