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Lodge Bulletin - Contest 'D'

Lodge Bulletins should serve as a vital link of communications in keeping your members informed and active. Your bulletin should contain timely information from the officers, committees along with interesting pictures of events. Among the many contests sponsored by the GL Lodge Actvities / State Association is Contest "D" - Lodge Bulletin. This contest provides each Lodge of the Order an opportunity to compete and recognize the efforts of your Lodge Bulletin Chairperson and time spent monthly in gathering and compiling useful information. Why not share their efforts, and possibly win a Grand Lodge award? You can do this by entering the Lodge Bulletin Contest. The Bulletin should:

  • Be easily readable, organized and informative
  • Report news items of the Lodge, District, State and National level. With emphasis on any recognition received from civic or community projects your Lodge receives
  • Use of photographs to illustrate a news item that is reported
  • Include articles written for and directed to all members, not just VIP's

The GL Lodge Activities / State Associations encourages all Lodges to participate. Communicating your fraternal and charitable activities in your Lodge bulletin, demonstrates that "Elks Care - Elks Share". To enter the Lodge Bulletin Contest:

  • Choose and submit three (3) consecutive issues of your Lodge Bulletin published between April 1 and December 1, and bind them together in a folder (only the bulletins are judged, not the folder).
  • Have Lodge Secretary certify in writing the number of members in your Lodge as of March 31 of the most recently concluded lodge year, and include the certification in your folder so that your entry will be judged in the proper division.
  • Combine the above and mail your entry, postmarked no later than January 15 to the appropriate committee member.
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