Download the latest Lodge Public Relations Report Here.
Remember, reports are due by the 5th of each month.

Reporting Guidelines:

News = count all newspaper articles, magazine articles, periodical mentions, media
references. Emphasis is on Elk articles and photos; not just obituaries – 1 pt.

TV = count all television messages highlighting Elk activity including community message
boards – 1 pt each time played.

Radio = count all radio messages highlighting Elk activity. The (5) individual pre-recorded
messages on the Drug Awareness audio cassette can be quite effective with a
local tag line from the Lodge spokesperson. Visit your local radio station for a
share of their community service time allocation – 1 pt each time played.

Signs = count your Lodge identity sign(s), billboards, electronic signs (rentable),
community service message boards, displayed Elks Care, Elks Share & Drug
Awareness signs, Lodge activity signs, Lodge club signs, Get-Acquainted Day
posters - 1 pt per month.

E-mail/web site = count external electronic correspondence just as letters (below) and every
every incoming web site inquiry, connect, linkage, or “hit” by those inquiring about
Lodge programs. (not internal administrative matters) – 1 pt ea.

Other = count parades 10 pts; speakers to outside groups 5 pts; fairs/tradeshows 10 pts;
magazines 2 pts; letters, notes, event programs, invitations, thank you notes,
Proclamations, Student Dictionaries distributed, “” cards sent to
Servicemen serving in Iraq, event announcements, Lodge bulletin articles, flyers 1 pt ea.

 Download MS Word Format Report Form Here

 Download PDF Format Report Form Here