South Central District Deputy

Grand Exalted Ruler

Joe Miller

Eatontown Lodge #2402




 South Central District

Vice President

Stephen Szczepaniak

Keyport/Matawan Lodge #2030


Members of the South Central District,

     The new year has arrived and we are in our final month of the fraternal Elk Year. For the outgoing ER's, take this time to button up you goals you set for your year. You have done well this year and made my job as Vice President smooth. You all should be proud of your lodges.

     We will have an election this year for Vice President on March 3rd from 2-4 at the Keyport-Matawan Elks Lodge. All PDDs , PVPs, PERs, and current ER’s are encouraged to come and vote. Our 2 candidates are Bobby Mitchell PER, from Jamesburg Lodge #2180. He is also the current Veterans chair for the district. The other candidate is Pat McCaffery PER, from Millstone Lodge #2613. Pat is our current State Trustee for the district. I will be setting up a meet the candidates night at Keyport Matawan near the end of February. Please come out and meet them and ask them any questions you may have for the upcoming year.

     With the closing of the year a few months away, we all need to help with our membership. Many lodges have members who have not paid this year. Membership is not a 1 person committee, is is a whole lodge committee. It is everyone’s job to help grow and retain membership. Please take a look at your lapsation list for your lodge and reach out to those members you know. Ask them if they are ok, and if they forgot their dues were not paid. If they need help because of hard times, bring it back to your relief committee to see if you can help. It doesn’t take much to loose a member, but it makes it that much harder to bring them back.

     Thank you everyone for inviting Courtney and I to your Charity Balls. We look forward to attending them and seeing your hard work you do for the children. They are one of the events I love to attend, because the smiles on the children’s faces make it all worth the effort we put in. I hope to see everyone support each other at the balls. By being there for each other helps the families in need, as well as makes our district stronger.


Stephen Szczepaniak

Vice President of the South Central District

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