Submitting Articles to the Elks National Magazine

Photo Specifications

· No more than 10 people per photo, carefully frame you photo to avoid

distracting backgrounds.

· Subjects must involve charitable events, veteran’s activities, anti-drug programs,

Youth groups, etc.

· Photos must have a charitable recipient, not just Elks members.

· No presentation of bank checks, gift certificates, or savings bonds.

· No presence of alcohol or cigarettes in any photo.

Reproduction quality

· Use at least a 3 Mb digital camera set to highest resolution.

· For digital images: (min) 300 dpi, 1500 x 900 pixels, (5 x 3.5 inches is accepted too).

· Subjects are the focal point of a well composed photo with lighting that is adequate, good contrast & sharp focus.

· Close-up photos need faces in view & individuals identified (don’t use

large groups).

· NO negatives, newspaper clippings, photocopies, computer printer photos, or Polaroid’s.

Story Caption

· Include the name of your Lodge, Lodge number, & State.

· Include your name and a daytime telephone number in case more information

is needed.

· Please be sure to provide Who, What, When, Where, Why & How this

event occurred.

Emailing Digital Images

· Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as an attachment. List the Lodge in the

subject line & put the photo caption in the email.

· Include your name, phone number, Lodge name, number, & State.

· Request in your email that Juanita Avila, please follow up with a

confirmation to verify receipt.

Mailing Prints

· NO paperclips, staples, or writing on the back of the photo.

· Back prints with cardboard or use bubble packing envelopes.

· Include your name, phone number, Lodge name, number, & State.

Elk's Magazine Submission Guidelines