Monthly Reporting Hints & Quick Tips
As lodge chairperson, you are responsible for completing the Lodge Public Relations Report form and sending it to your District Chairperson on or before the 5th day of each month.
The purpose of Public Relations is to promote Elkdom and provide the public with an understanding of who we are and what we do as a service organization while promoting our many charitable endeavors.
Public Relations reporting is important in order for us to gauge our Public Relations efforts, and to see areas in which we can improve. In addition, reporting of PR enables our organization to validate our non-profit status.

The Lodge Public Relations Reporting form can be found on the NJELKS website at www.njelks.org. Go to Public Relations and you will find a great deal of valuable information posted for you to download.
The easiest way for you to begin is to take a look at your Monthly Lodge Newsletter and your Monthly Lodge Calendar. These two items will serve as a “recall” for all of the activities your lodge has promoted or participated in during the month.
Calendar Dates - Take advantage of special dates to time your articles for relevance (i.e.: Veteran’s Day). When promoting a Veteran’s activity, discuss the involvement and programs of the Elks in assisting our Veterans. Use Flag Day to discuss our Americanism Committee and participation of school children in the Americanism essay contest. Other dates include National Patriotism Week, National Holidays such as Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, the anniversary of our Order, etc.
You will want to gather information from the following key persons:
Lodge Committee Chairpersons - What events did they run? How did they promote them? (I.e. news article, flyers, TV, etc.)
Exalted Ruler (i.e. emails, invites, and correspondence sent)
Lodge Secretary – He or she has a good handle on lodge happenings
Lodge Cyber Assist (Grand Lodge website) and /or
Lodge Webmaster (the webmaster will be able to provide the number of web hits)
You will be reporting a total number of items in each of the categories represented on the Lodge Public Relations Report form. Items include: newspaper/magazine articles, flyers, monthly newsletters/bulletins, TV /Radio ads, web hits, lodge signage, etc. Refer to Categories for additional information.
The Lodge Master Report Form contains the following categories: News, TV, Radio, Signs, E-mail/Web, Other and Total. In addition to the Reporting Guidelines (which appear in the box at the bottom of the form) this document will serve to assist you in your reporting endeavors.
Newspaper Articles - – Articles can range from full, well written pieces, to simple blurbs or shorts in your local paper. Articles count as 1 point per submission. Example: If your local newspaper has printed 4 articles within the month, your count will be 4 points.
Don’t just count the articles – SAVE THEM!!! These articles should be used to create your NJSEA Public Relations Brochure for submission to the yearly contest due in March of each year (details can be found on the NJELKS website.) Your lodge may even win an award for the best brochure submitted. More importantly, this binder serves as an exceptional Public Relations tool, which should be proudly displayed in your lodge for all members and visitors to view. It is another way for ELKS to show what we do!! And to entice new members to join our Order!
Your articles and pictures are also a great resource for the Grand Lodge Public Relations Contests in which your lodge can win an award! Details for contests can be found on www.njelks.org
If you enter the Grand Lodge “Focus on the Community” contest, you can count 10 Points for each entry! This contest is counted in the “News” category.

TV/Cable Reporting – Take advantage of your local cable channel to promote your Elks events. Use the following formula to calculate points for TV/Cable ads:
96 Points X Number of Days
It has been determined that events appearing on cable TV are shown approximately 4 times per hour X 24 hours per day for a total of 96 points. All you have to do is multiply 96 by the number of days your ad appears on TV. (For example: An ad appears for 30 days on Comcast. Total Points for this ad = 2880 points. Yes - you are seeing correctly! And if you run several different ads, this number will be much greater! Have no fear - it is correct!
The count is very similar to TV/Cable Reporting. Find out how often in a 24 hour period your event will be announced and multiply by the number of days announced on the air.
Example: A radio station airs your event 1 time every hour for a total of 24 hours a day for 14 days. That would be a total of 336 points.
Signs (1 Point Each per month)
Each lodge will have a base count of signage which will remain static every month for reporting purposes – this would include any lodge identifier (outdoor signs, building identifiers, indoor signage, electronic banners, township wide signs, community board signs etc.) Use this count as your starting point and add any additional signage used to promote the Elks (for example, a banner advertising a specific upcoming event, etc.)

Web / Email: (1 Point each) www.NJELKS.orgIf you post your events on the website – print out the monthly calendar to cross reference events that are posted to the web. If you are not using our website – you are missing out! This is a great way to promote your lodge and increase your event attendance. Remember – Visiting Elks are a great resource – they are always looking for events to attend and a chance to meet other Elks!

Some lodges send notices for events via email – ask your secretary to track the number of emails sent each month and obtain your monthly membership number/distribution list totals.
Pay attention to web/ digital / mobile presence ~ count those emails, tweets, texts…as long as it relays an Elks Event – you can count it (1 point each).
Grand Lodge Web Hits / Your Lodge Website:
If your lodge has a cyber-assist who updates your lodge’s information on the Grand Lodge website, they can obtain the number of hits to your lodge by following these instructions:
Go into VHP Edit Mode/VHP Admin/VHP Usage Statistics. Insert a start date and end date and hit Get New Stats. Then simply print the page with the number for the month you are reporting.
If you have an external website, you should have a counter for the web hits. It is usually found at the bottom of the home page. If you do not have a counter, have your webmaster add a counter so you can track your web hits.
The “other” category is chocked full of ways to count points for promotion of Elkdom. Have your secretary CC you on any correspondence that is sent regarding Elk related events – such as invitations to township officials, dignitaries, guest speakers, etc. Even a quick email from your secretary or ER with a count of correspondence will be helpful. Count parades for a whopping 10 Pts! Magazines – 2 Pts! Here are just some examples of items to be included in the “OTHER” category:
Elks Newsletter: (1 Point Each) Hold on to your monthly newsletters – this will ensure that you will not miss reporting an event that has occurred during the month and it will give you a jump start on reporting future events. Lodge bulletins should be counted as follows:

Count 1 point for each bulletin sent to your lodge membership, as well as bulletins in your lodge for visiting ELKS, new classes, Elks promotion day, etc.
For example, your lodge has 100 members and you distribute 50 for Elks promotion and 20 for a new class. Your count for the month would be 170. The trick here is to count your monthly membership / normal distribution.
Grand Lodge Photo Contests: Best Image of Elkdom – 10 Points, Best Single Event 100 Points, PR Brochure – 100 points.
Banners Promoting Large Elks Events: (1 Point Each) NJ State Elks Convention Wildwood – Banners with Lodge Name/#, Fall Conference, Miracle Run promotion, etc.
Posters / Flyers: (1 Point Each) Start counting! The possibilities are endless! Every piece of promotion counts!!!
PINS: (1 Point Each) Be sure to count all Exalted Ruler, lodge, Veterans, Americanism, and dignitary pins that are ordered and distributed. You can add it into your report monthly or anytime during the fraternal year.
T-Shirts/Polos/Jackets with Elks Logo: (1 Point Each) If your lodge makes a purchase of shirts (jackets, hats etc.) with the ELKS logo and/or your lodge name, you may add that count to your public relations report under the heading “OTHER”. Many times, a lodge will purchase shirts for a special event (such as a motorcycle run for Special Needs children, Veterans, Hoop Shoot, etc.). These numbers count! Did your lodge purchase new shirts to march in the parade in Wildwood or any other parade? Simply count the number of your members wearing the shirts and report it during the month. How about your bartenders? If they are wearing and ELKS shirt, they are promoting ELKDOM. Consider it a walking billboard!
Golf Outing: Tee/Hole Sponsorship (1 Point Each) Count 1 point for each item sponsored that appears on the green with your lodge’s name/number on it.
Scholarships/Awards / Letters: (1 Point Each) When awarding scholarships and certificates with the lodge’s name and or ELKS logo on it, it counts for 1 point. Also include 1 point for each letter sent to recipients on ELKS letterhead.
Writing Articles When writing articles, utilize the wording from the Grand Lodge Program handbook and the official Grand Lodge website. The integrity of the programs will be consistent in your promotion.
Don’t wait or hold articles – Time is of the essence! Send them in to your local newspapers and ELKS magazine as soon as possible!
Don’t be Shy - Ask for Assistance!
Help Wanted! - Photographers / WritersPlace an ad in your news bulletin or on your message board seeking shutterbugs and those with the gift of the quill pen! Seek out members who enjoy snapping pictures at events or who are quick to write a blurb or two for a newsletter. No one has to be a professional! Often times, a member would like to lend assistance – but is hesitant to take on a major role as an officer or chairperson. This is the perfect way for them to be an active part of the Elks – while doing something they enjoy!
Enlist the help of your Lodge Officers and Lodge Committee Chairpersons:
Send an email and ask for these important people to let you know what they have done during the month for Public Relations. Perhaps they ran an event in which they distributed 150 flyers or submitted a picture or article to the local newspaper. Your count will be that much more accurate when you get your numbers directly from the source!
Sample email:
Good Afternoon All!!

Everyone has been doing a great job with publicizing our events!

In order to make our PR report more accurate, I am looking to collect information regarding the activities your committee/ lodge has advertised this past month. If you could, please send me an email by
(date you decide) letting me know what your committee has done as far as promoting Elkdom. If you do not have anything to report, please send me an email stating “No Report for (Month)”.

I am looking for the following information:

Number of newspaper/Elks Magazine articles printed :
Number of flyers / posters for any events in that month :
Number of days your event airs on Cable TV :
Number of events posted to the District Calendar :
Any correspondence sent on Elks letterhead :
Any emails sent regarding committee PR activities :

Also, keep a copy of this information for inclusion in the NJSEA Public Relations Committee Brochure. Please make sure I get a copy of the information as this binder is a terrific tool to show the public what we do as ELKS and to help attract new members!
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We can make great strides when we work together.
I can be reached at (your number or email address).
Have a great day! (Your Name)
Keep your Eyes and Ears Open! Promotion of ELKDOM is all around you.
Take some time to answer the following questions:
Does your township promote the ELKS on their Community Message Board?
Does your ELKS lodge have an affiliation with another entity? (Example – Edison Lodge has a Community pool and their affiliation is the YMCA)
Do you have an outdoor mailbox to collect used American Flags with your name on it?
Do you promote events using outdoor banners?
Do you sponsor a Youth Activities sports team?
Do you send your events to the njelks.org website?
Do you promote Americanism, Scholarships, Youth Activities, Scouting to your local schools?

Do’s and Don’ts
Promote your events as “Family Friendly”
Include Membership at all your events
Clean up your websites – eliminate negative or derogatory information, pictures etc.
Create Brochures for each of your Committees! (Youth, Veterans, Special Children, etc.)
Have pride in our Organization.
Never change the official ELKS logo or make your own! Our ELKS logo is our Brand!
Never post photos with ELKS drinking, smoking or exhibiting poor behavior. Use good common sense and good taste.

Charitable Event Announcements, Fundraisers, Charity Balls, Awards, Scholarships
Award Dinners, Miracle Run, Miracle Plunge, Special Children Golf Outings

Patriotic Events (Flag Day, Veterans Day, Flag Retirement Ceremony)

Citizen of the Year, Elk Events (Memorial Service, Dinners, Dances, etc.)
www.njelks.org – All Public Relations info is posted under Public Relations
www.NJPA.org New Jersey Press Association
www.mycentraljersey.com – You can submit your own press releases here
There are so many different ways to count our Public Relations activities and promotions. If you have any questions regarding the point system, contact your District Chairman for clarification.
What are the ways YOU promote your lodge???
Be sure to share them with your fellow lodges!
Our Goals are to Communicate and Promote ELKDOM
(Who we are, what we do, make lasting impressions)
How do we accomplish this?
  • By Focusing On Elks Service & the Community
  • Generate Positive Promotion of Elks Brand – Elks Care~Elks Share
    Educate the Public of our Charitable Works: (I.e. Hoop Shoot, Special Children, Veterans, ENF,Scouting, Army of Hope, fundraising)
  • Create Greater Media Awareness – Utilize cable TV, Radio, Internet, Web
  • Gain recognition / Visibility for Programs/Activities (i.e. notoriety for accomplishments)
By promoting Elkdom, we create an informed / enthusiastic public environment conducive to attracting quality new members!!
You Are the PREMIER Charitable Organization
in your Community!