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Carteret 2235 | Colonia 2282| East Brunswick 2370 | Edison 2487 | Metuchen 1914

New Brunswick 324 | Piscataway 2414 | South Amboy 784

South Plainfield 2298 | Watchung Hills 885| Woodbridge 2116

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District Leaders

Francis J. Decibus PSDGER

Peter D. Smith PSP

District Dignitaries

Christine Sauer VP

Barbara Muller DDGR

Jim Kopcho CDST




About our Site

We would like to welcome you to the Central District web site, the most read website in the State. Here you will find information on what's going on in the District. From District meetings, Lodge meetings which are on the links above, to when the next Lodge event is. If there is a Lodge event you would like to post on the calendar, just click on "District Author". Or if your e-mail is not setup to do that, no problem; here is my e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Note: make sure you put your event in subject field of your e-mail so I know its for the website.

Thanks for visiting our website.

Central District Author Scott Dunham PER




Vice President message for June 2022

As my year as Central District Vice President begins this month, I am extremely excited and feel both honored and privileged to serve our order in this capacity. A special thank you to our retiring District Chairs, the Chairs that have agreed to another year, and the new Chairs that have stepped up to assume this responsibility. I must acknowledge and thank our District Advisors, Past District Deputies, Past Vice Presidents, our outgoing Vice President Chris Sauer and soon to be retiring District Deputy Barbara Muller, without their leadership our job would be much more difficult. I’m looking forward to the leadership and guidance of DDD Paula Kopcho and a speedy recovery to PVP Carol Bonura.

Our Wildwood Reunion, in addition to most of our Elk activities are returning to pre pandemic form. During the height of the pandemic, Lodges struggled to remain relevant and also solvent. Now is the time to step up our charitable activities by applying for grants to help our communities, Veterans and youth. With Camp Moore returning to normalcy, we need to sponsor as many campers as possible.

My plans are to visit all of our lodges during the reunion and to witness as many Flag Day Rituals as possible. I am looking forward to working with not only my team of District Chairs but every brother and sister Elk.

Be Safe and Have Fun Doing Good!!

Sal Malinconico VP


Message from the District Deputy GER – June 2022

My time as DDGER is coming to an end. It has been an honor to serve the Central District and I look forward to our continued relationship in supporting our programs. I also look forward to Wildwood Convention to see VP-Elect Sal Malinconico installed as the Central District Vice President. We will have the honor of riding in the Wildwood Parade along with Central District’s State Trustee, Jim Kopcho. Let’s hope for fair weather!

District Deputy Designate Paula Kopcho will be installed at Grand Lodge in Atlanta in July, and I wish her the best of luck. Grand Lodge will give the new Exalted Rulers a chance to not only learn more about our programs but will also allow them the opportunity to get to know each other better and form a bond for the coming year. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with any resolutions that will be presented at Grand Lodge and review with your membership so that you are prepared to vote. Safe travels and have fun.

At the April DD Clinic, the Exalted Rulers and Secretaries received the 2022-2023 Grand Lodge Programs booklet. Please review it and share with your officers. Post the Grand Lodge Program and Activities calendar in a visible spot so you can follow along each month so as not miss any important dates.

June brings us Flag Day on June 14 which is a mandatory Grand Lodge program. It is not only the perfect time to celebrate our flag but to also honor your scholarship or essay contest winners at the same time. And there is still time to put in for the GER Membership Recognition Award pin. The deadline is June 15.

August 15 is the Grand Lodge deadline to file Federal Income Tax Forms 990 and 990T. You are probably saying “we have plenty of time” but you should be working with your accountant now to meet this deadline. All your numbers need to be in FRS for year end and you should have a finalized budget. It is advisable to get the completed paperwork from the accountant by June 15 in order to present it to your lodge prior to uploading. Impress upon the accountant that while the IRS allows extensions, Grand Lodge does not recognize them and the deadline is August 15, 2022, for completion/upload.

I’d like to thank our State Sponsor PGER Malcolm McPherson for his confidence in me during this year and for the friendship and guidance he provided during this year’s journey. To my District Advisors PSDGER Francis Decibus and PGLC Peter Smith, thank you for your guidance and always being there for any questions I had. To the PDD’s who helped guide me when needed, thank you for your wisdom and friendship. You really made me feel welcomed. A special thank you to my husband John for putting up with the many meetings and social events that took me away from home. And to the 2021-2022 Exalted Rulers and Lodge Officers … what can I say. We had a blast, and I will cherish this year always.

I look forward to the comradery in Wildwood and I will try to stop at each lodge’s hotel to say hi!

Thought of the month: “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” – Buddha

Barbara Muller, DDGER
Central District




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