Vicki "Victoria' Watson, PDD

Candidate for State President New Jersey State Elks Association

2020 -2021

Victoria “Vicki” Watson was initiated into Millville Elks in March 2005. 

It wasn’t long after that she began her journey thought the Knight chairs and was elected Exalted Ruler in 2009. Currently serving as Lodge Chaplain, chairman for Ritual, Special Children & PER Association. She has received awards for Best Exalted Ruler and Excellence in Americanism. 

She served the South District as Vice President 2011-2012 & appointed District Deputy 2013-2014. Currently the Chairman of Ritual she has encouraged several PER’s to become certified judges, Chairman of Special Children leading to the planning of three very successful Charity Balls and schedules the South District two times a year at Camp Moore to assist in the opening and closing. Her fellow Past District Deputy’s elected her as Chairman of the association 2019-2020.

On the State level she was appointed as State Chaplain 2014, 2018 & currently serving. She was Region 1 & State Chairman for Public Relations sharing the great things we do as Elks! Being a TAM instructor, she educates our lodge members on how to safely serve alcohol, preventing potential law suits & keeping insurance rates to a minimum. She is a Safety Assistant to the Peer Leadership Conference ensuring the safety and well-being of the children in attendance. Coordinator for Miracle on the Mountain 2018-2019 and currently serving as such, under her leadership over $75,000.00 was donated/raised which contributed to the 50% reduction in the cost to the lodges who sponsor children to attend Camp Moore.

Extremely proud to say she is a Veteran!  Served in the Signal Corps assigned to the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault and received an Honorable Discharge.

Married to husband Les, also an active member of Millville Lodge, he served 25 years on the Millville Police Department and retired as a Detective Lieutenant.



Peggy Berry, PDD 

Candidate for State President New Jersey State Elks Association

2020 -2021

Peggy Berry has grown up with the Elks. Being a third generation Elk, second generation PER, married to PDD Ryland and family members who are Elks has only solidified her commitment and dedication to the Order which she considers her family. Whatever project or committee she has been involved with has been done with competence, efficiency and success always putting forth 100%. There was never a question as to who would chair a committee that needed help; Peggy was there to step up. Peggy is extremely honest and always looks to the betterment of the Elks. 

Peggy covers the definition of what is a NJ Elk is. She is employed by the Department of Defense for 20 years, recently for the Navy, working with deployed Sailors, Marines and their families. Her timeless dedication and support to our active duty military, veterans, families and Gold Star families through her job and Army of Hope Committee are commendable.

Peggy embraces the honor of being SCC Trustee Chair striving to assist the betterment of the life of special needs children. Her involvement and resolute passion drive her to grow the JSMP donations for our Special Kids.

Peggy’s dedication and successes are many leading her to be a PDD, State Chair of Hoop Shoot, Soccer, Mid Atlantic Soccer Director, JSMP Committee Chair and Member of GL Soccer Task Force. Her involvement and passion in these programs is legendary.

A strong leader is needed in all these positions as well as a wealth of knowledge. Peggy checks all the boxes in what is desired in positions where you want something accomplished and completed. Peggy is an organized, knowledgeable, forthright Elk. She has approached everything with the highest degrees of honesty and integrity.  All of these assets and talents will make her an excellent NJSEA President. 



Kevin Baxter, PDD
Candidate for State President New Jersey State Elks Association

2020 -2021

Kevin J. Baxter was born in Long Branch, NJ. He’s 1 of 7 children; his father is a Korean War Veteran. Early on he joined the Sons of the VFW in Long Branch. He married his wife in 1985 and they welcomed their son Cory in 1994. He joined Long Branch lodge #742 in 1993, and has been an active member since. Kevin is an electrician by trade and most recently retired from his career after 30 years. He worked as a Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds for Monmouth County.

Kevin moved up the ranks in the lodge, and was named Exalted Ruler three times during his membership. He was Vice President 2006-2007, Elk of the year 2008-2009, and most recently was appointed District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler of the South Central District 2017-2018. He’s the State Chairman of the Memorial Committee, which he’s been on for 9 years. Over the years he’s been part of many committees including; Convention Committee, Youth Tournament Taskforce, Youth Activities and the Interview Committee. During his District Deputy year he received a Presidential Award for over 4000 volunteer hours.

Kevin is a dedicated member of the order and shows a true passion for what it means to be an Elk. He’s compassionate, honorable and well respected amongst his peers. He shows strong leadership, mentoring, and truly cares about keeping the integrity of tradition within the order. He attends many charity events focused on veterans and special needs children in his lodge, district and thru out the state. His lodge has held State Ritual where you find Kevin involved in all the prep and execution of the weekend. 

If given the opportunity to serve as State President, Kevin will give the same dedication and leadership to the State as he does within his lodge, and district. 

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