1. Select the appropriate students to form an Elks Conference Team

A Conference Team consists of two to twenty-five teens from your community group or school who will attend the Elks Conference for the purpose of personal education and to develop and implement an alcohol, tobacco, and drug use prevention project in their community. We suggest that school principals, guidance, and student assistance counselors (or a community group administrator and staff) work together to select the students.

The NJ Elks Peer Leadership Conference is open to all New Jersey students who will be in grades 9 through 12 during the '08- '09 school year and are proud to be alcohol, tobacco and drug free.

Students who ...
Are likely to earn the trust of peers, parents and administrators.
Are proud to be alcohol, nicotine and drug free.
Are emotionally mature enough to give service to their home, school or community.
Have good listening skills and will respect others by not talking when they are - especially during presentations.
Are motivated to do the hard work to make a difference in the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
Have displayed or have the potential to develop leadership skills.

... should register for this year's “Elks and Youth: Discover. Create. Inspire." Conference

2. Select an adult who will attend the Elks Conference and actively work with students throughout the conference weekend.

The purpose of this requirement is to provide each Conference Team with an adult advisor who will share the Elks experience and who will work actively with the team both at the conference and to assist at home in implementing prevention projects. The advisor will serve as an active participant at the Elks Conference and will attend activities with their teens and special advisor meeting and workshops.

Advisors that...

Like and are willing to listen to and learn from teenagers.
Are willing to enthusiastically join activities with teens.
Have a sense of appropriateness about themselves and in setting limits with teens.
Are likely to earn the trust of students, parents, peers and administrators.
Are willing to offer the credit for accomplishments to teens.
Work easily and cooperatively with students and other adult volunteers.
Actively participate in the entire conference.
Look for good in ALL teens.
Are willing to be a healthy role model for teens.

... should register for this year's “Elks and Youth: Discover. Create. Inspire." Conference