The number ONE request at Walter Reed hospital is phone cards.

The government doesn't pay long distance phone charges and these wounded soldiers are rationing their calls home. Many will be there throughout the holidays.

Really support our troops --Send phone cards of any amount to:

Medical Family Assistance Center
Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001

They say they need an "endless" supply of these -- any amount even $5 is greatly appreciated
UPDATE . . . . . . . . .


On January 2, 2006 the associated press reports that Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and the National Naval Medical Centers, have been overwhelmed by the response for phone card for our wounded troops. They have run out of space.The request for phone cards was answered by Individual Elks, Lodge committees and District committees. Once again the Elks have proved they do Support our Troops. As you know many people respond to veterans during the holidays and forget about them the rest of the year. As Elks every day of the year we are there to help our veterans,our troops, and their families.More information about making contributions is available at and