Reflections from Campers, Parents and Staff

"I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me. I had a great time at camp. I want to come back already, but mommy said I had to wait until next year." Camper: Jennifer Murphy

"You cannot imagine how appreciative we all are to be able to enjoy a week or two of respite known Eric is in such good hands. You always match him up with a terrific counselor." Parents of camper Eric Weber.

"It really means a lot that he can go to camp just like the rest of the kids. Our kids don't always get to do what 'normal' kids do, but this helps to change that." Parents of camper Danny Ambroziak

"The kids are really great, and everyone works very hard together to give them the best summer of their lives." Staff Member: Lori Shumway - USA

"This is the ideal place to lose all self pity and put your life into perspective" Staff member: Andrew Wood - Australia

"An extrodinary place which is alive from sunrise to sunset. There is no place like it!" Staff member: Paul Morgan - Wales

"Heaven on Earth" Staff Member: Jenny Scrupps - England

"'You don't know what you've got until you lose it.' This saying applies to Elks Camp Moore. It's easy to drift blissfully through the first few weeks thinking that it's going to last forever without really appreciating what this place really is. It's about 80 people from all over the world coming together and working in perfect harmony together with total trust in one another. It's not until you arrive back in the world that your realize what a paradise comp was in many ways. It's the highest standard of humanity I've ever experienced." Staff Member: Gary Knox - Belfast, Northern Ireland


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