What is the Miracle on the Mountain Mural?
The Miracle on the Mountain Mural brings momentum to our fund raising efforts. Each building block and balloon is a commitment to ensure the future of Elks Camp Moore. $1,000.00 earns a building block and balloons start at $5000.00. Please read on to see how you can become part of this important project.About the Camp About the Campers & StaffThe director of the camp is selected form a field of Special Education and holds a degree in this area. The counseling and support staff is hired from the United States and other countries around the world. Over 27 countries have been represented at Elks Camp Moore over the years. The staff is fully trained before camp with ongoing training throughout the season. Large majorities of the staff return from previous years and are therefore very familiar with the campers and camp life in general. The ratio of counselors to campers is usually 1:2 or 1:1.


Our new Miracle on the Mountain Mural is a public thank you to all the Districts, Lodges and individuals who support Elks Camp Moore. The acrylic and bronze sculpture is engraved with the names of individuals, groups, Lodges, Districts or Corporations contributing funds to Elks Camp Moore.



Elks Camp Moore is not the usual handicapped children's camp as it is located in the heart of the Ramapo Mountains. The setting of the camp provides a breathtaking view of the valley below, and mountains in the distance. When a child vacations at Elks Camp Moore it is an experience they will never forget, and a view which a handicapped child would not likely ever experience.

We believe that like all children, the handicapped need to go to camp for new experiences, new friends and to participate in activities that will aid them in their general growth. Camp allows these experiences in a new environment. Elks Camp Moore's primary function is to enable children to use and further develop recreational, social and leisure skills through activities presented in a positive, enjoyable and appropriate manner and in a real life situation.

At camp each child is challenged to try new things or to improve on what he already knows. We encourage each child to do as much as he can for himself and by himself. The guidance of a friendly and understanding counselor is always near.



Elks Camp Moore accepts handicapped individuals who are between the ages of seven and 18 years (age is our only restriction). ELKS CAMP MOORE provides for 600-700 camperships each summer. Each child must be sponsored by their local Lodge with the FULL COST OF ATTENDANCE PAID BY THE LODGE. The children attend at no cost to their families. Parents should contact their nearest Elks Lodge and ask to speak to the Handicapped Children's Chairman. He will help obtain an application for your child. If you experience difficulty in contacting the nearest lodge contact the state office at 1-732-329-1300.


How you can become part of the Miracle on the Mountain. Becoming a part of the Miracle on the Mountain Mural is simple. The acrylic building blocks and balloons may be purchased and engraved as a tribute to any individual, Lodge, District or Corporation. Donation Categories Are:






$ 25,000.00 1 Teddy Bear
$ 10,000.00 1 Large Balloon
$ 7,500.00 1 Medium Balloon
$ 5,000.00 1 Small Balloon
$ 1,000.00
1 Building Block

Your donation may honor a relative, friend, family, group or corporation or in memory of a loved one. Each dedication will be prominently displayed on the Mural, an attractive addition to the dinning hall at Elks Camp Moore.

Gifts may be in the form of cash, securities, and bequests by will. All pledges are tax deductible for those who itemize their deductions. If you work for a company that has a matching gift program, please suggest that your employer support your donation with matching funds.

While one time donations are preferred cumulative pledges over a five year period are also encouraged.

Donors may pledge a gift by completing the pledge form
and enclosing it with either a total or initial payment check.