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Carteret 2235 | Colonia 2282| East Brunswick 2370 | Edison 2487 | Metuchen 1914

New Brunswick 324 | Piscataway 2414 | South Amboy 784

South Plainfield 2298 | Watchung Hills 885| Woodbridge 2116

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District Leaders

Francis J. Decibus PSDGER

Stephen J.Terrible PSP Peter D. Smith PSP

District Dignitaries

Dan DeZaio VP

James A Kopcho DDGER

 Patrick McDonnell CDST



About our Site

We would like to welcome you to the Central District web site, the most read website in the State. Here you will find information on what's going on in the District. From District meetings, Lodge meetings which are on the links above, to when the next Lodge event is. If there is a Lodge event you would like to post on the calendar, just click on "District Author". Or if your e-mail is not setup to do that, no problem; here is my e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Note: make sure you put your event in subject field of your e-mail so I know its for the website.

Thanks for visiting our website.

Central District Author Scott Dunham PER



Vice President message for April 2020

I would like to start by congratulating Central District's Vice President Elect Jeff Van Woeart from Carteret Lodge and District Deputy Designate Danny Larsen from Watchung Hills Lodge on becoming the next leaders of our district for the upcoming 2020-2021 Fraternal year. Our district will remain in the hands of dedicated leaders who I am certain will help our District continue our great work.
The beginning of March was off to a very productive start.  Our committees continued to deliver our programs and provide support to our district,
state projects, and our local communities.  We had several successful and fun fundraisers including the Sumo Wrestling Fundraiser at South Amboy Lodge on March 7th.   With this unique Fundraiser the lodge was able to reach their ENF per capita.  Thank you to all of the participants for a great night and lots of laughs.   Another great event was the Woodbridge Elks Motorcycle Committee's St. Patrick's Day Party.  Not only was the food and music great but the lodge was packed!
A special thank you to PER Meghan McPherson for leading a training on the New Financial Reporting System at Piscataway Lodge on March 14th. Thank you to all the Lodges that attended as well.  It was a very informative class and I am confident that all our lodges will be able to meet the April 1st deadline.
Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all of our district meetings, fundraisers, and lodges have been shut down until further notice. I urge you all to stay safe and healthy during this very hard time.  I know that we will bounce back stronger and better than ever because we are ELKS. 
Finally, I would especially like to thank all of our health care workers and all essential employee's during this crisis, There is no doubt in my mind that you are all the true hero's. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!  May God continue to bless our members, troops and veterans, youth programs, and special children.
Keep your heads up brothers and sisters " We Are The Best of The Best".... We will get through this.   Happy Easter!
VP Dan



Message from the District Deputy GER – April 2020

PDD Better said this last year and I can only repeat the same for this year - Another fraternal year, as they say, is in the books. The Exalted Rulers have done a wonderful job leading their respective Lodges. You all lead by example and I’m sure your successors will have a smooth transition. Your dedication to your Lodges and the Central District is what makes this District one of the premier Districts in the state. I want to take this time to offer congratulations and best wishes to the new Officers of each Lodge for the fraternal year 2020-2021. With that said we are ending this lodge year like no other year that I can remember in the 41 years that I’m a member of this great organization. With the “Stay Home Stay Safe” but that doesn’t mean that lodge business stops. The Secretary and Treasurer of each lodge must keep up with the mail and paying the bills of the lodge. The Grand Lodge and our Sponsor Malcolm have given us instructions on how to run our lodges from home. One of the main tools are conference calls, some lodges have already held meeting via a conference call, and I encourage those who haven’t done so to hold them ASAP, get your lodge business done via a phone call.

Membership has been a hot topic once again this year. In our District we made some strides but as of 03-27-2020 we are 7 members short of having a positive growth and there is still 31 people awaiting initiation into our order. The NJSEA secretary Joyce Powell has reached out to all secretaries with instruction on getting these applications of new members on our membership rolls be 4/1/2020, if you have questions please call her. It is a gross understatement when I say that I miss not holding our Installation of Officers, but we need to stay healthy, because we may miss a few weeks at the beginning of this Elk years, but we have 11 months to make up for missing the first month. Exalted Ruler – Elect you will have your day of celebration and I want to be there. May God protect our Troops, First Responders and our members and especially God Bless America.


James A. Kopcho, DDGER Central District




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