What is the Miracle on the Mountain Mural?
The Miracle on the Mountain Mural brings momentum to our fund raising efforts. Each building block and balloon is a commitment to ensure the future of Elks Camp Moore. $1,000.00 earns a building block and balloons start at $5000.00. Please read on to see how you can become part of this important project.

Our new Miracle on the Mountain Mural is a public thank you to all the Districts, Lodges and individuals who support Elks Camp Moore. The acrylic and bronze sculpture is engraved with the names of individuals, groups, Lodges, Districts or Corporations contributing funds to Elks Camp Moore.



How you can become part of the Miracle on the Mountain. Becoming a part of the Miracle on the Mountain Mural is simple. The acrylic building blocks and balloons may be purchased and engraved as a tribute to any individual, Lodge, District or Corporation. Donation Categories Are:






  $ 25,000.00 1 Teddy Bear
$ 10,000.00 1 Large Balloon
$ 7,500.00 1 Medium Balloon
$ 5,000.00 1 Small Balloon
$ 1,000.00
1 Building Block

Your donation may honor a relative, friend, family, group or corporation or in memory of a loved one. Each dedication will be prominently displayed on the Mural, an attractive addition to the dinning hall at Elks Camp Moore.

Gifts may be in the form of cash, securities, and bequests by will. All pledges are tax deductible for those who itemize their deductions. If you work for a company that has a matching gift program, please suggest that your employer support your donation with matching funds.

While one time donations are preferred cumulative pledges over a five year period are also encouraged.

Donors may pledge a gift by completing the pledge form
and enclosing it with either a total or initial payment check.