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As of yesterday, Thursday November 12, 2020 your bar/grill rooms are not permitted to have ANYONE sitting at the bar at all. NO EXCUSES. Table service is permitted with a clear and specific 6 ft distancing between tables. If you have curtains available to place in between the tables that would be optimal. 
No one is to congregate and/or stand at the bar. Face masks are required when entering, exiting or walking around within the building and any rooms of the lodge unless you are taking a sip of your beverage sitting at your table.
Bartenders must be wearing masks at all times. Areas where patrons have been sitting must be sanitized after each use. You are limited to 25 members in the room or 25% of the rooms capacity whichever is less. The bar/grill room is to be totally shut down and no one in the grill room/bar past 10:00 PM.
I suggest that you have a discussion with your bartenders and officers to assure strict adherence to these new set rules. May I also suggest that all bar stools be removed from the area to avoid temptation and to make it easier on the bartenders to enforce the new regulations. 
It is STRONGLY suggested that you have a book set up so that everyone  who enters the grill room write the date, their name and phone number when they enter the room. Recently this has proven to be very helpful in contacting people when it has been discovered that someone was in the building at the same time when someone who is infected with the virus was also there. 
Please take this very seriously and protect yourself, your Lodge and your family’s.
Should you have any questions or are in need of any guidelines or help, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Please be safe!
BREAKING: I’m signing an Executive Order RETIGHTENING restrictions on gatherings to help stop the spread of #COVID19.

Effective tomorrow:

O Indoor gatherings are limited to a MAXIMUM of 10 people

Effective Nov 23rd:

O Outdoor gatherings are limited to a MAXIMUM of 150 people

— Governor Phil Murphy (@GovMurphy) November 16, 2020

Religious services, celebrations, political events, weddings, funerals, memorial services and performances may continue under the current rules, but are limited to 25% of a room's capacity, up to 150 people, Murphy said in a tweet.

The following indoor gatherings may continue under the current rules — limited to 25% of a room’s capacity, up to 150 people:

Religious services/celebrations and political events


Funerals/memorial services


— Governor Phil Murphy (@GovMurphy) November 16, 2020

"We think those are steps, coupled with the other steps we have taken, which will hopefully begin to shake these numbers down," lie told MSNBC. "This is a lot of fatigue. It's a lot of private setting transmission. Particularly with the holidays coming up, we've got to plead with people to not let their hair down, to be vigilant, social distance, face coverings, all the basic stuff we know works."

The new indoor limit goes into effect Tuesday, while the outdoor level kiclcs in Nov. 23. "I must again pull back the reins," he said. "It gives me no joy."

The lower levels come just before Thanksgiving and ahead of the winter holidays.

New Jersey's coronavirus levels have been spiking, which Murphy has said amounts to a "second wave."

The average increase over the first seven days of this month reached roughly 2,135, up from about 590 cases a day in early October. The average caseload increase for the first week of September was nearly 340 cases, according to state Health Department figures.

Murphy has a news conference on the outbreak scheduled for later Monday.



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