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Richard Bard

State President


      I am very honored and blessed to be your state president for the 2016-2017 year. We are an outstanding association and we truly show that “compassion is our passion.”  We are so blessed to be able to successfully put smiles on the faces of our special children. Have you seen our outstanding facility that is Camp Moore? If not, why not?   And, since World War I, we have been there for our Veterans and active troops. Our youth are the future and we offer great programs for them, from sports contests to scholarships.  As one of the best state associations in the country I challenge you to raise the bar a little higher than in the past. But even more importantly, find your passion within our order. Finding your passion within our order can only make you the best Elk you can be, once achieved explaining it to others will be simple and heartfelt. We must tell people what we do, speak of our deeds and express how others can change people’s lives for the better. Let’s show that Elks are not here for people who ask what’s in it for me, but to paraphrase JFK, what can you do for the Elks and the people we help? Let us move forward into the new age by representing ourselves as very special people who care for our fellow people and each other. Let us look in the mirror and enter the day knowing we affect people’s lives and can constantly make someone’s day special with a kind word or a simple smile and a hello. God Bless you all for what you do and please continue to talk about what we do and let people know that “Compassion is our passion.”


Richard Bard

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